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Our Unique, Dual-Injury, Technique used to treat Spider Veins, combines the use of laser and sclerotherapy. This advanced process is result driven and sets us apart in achieving optimal results.

Training: The RN was trained by an exceptional and esteemed, Board Certified, Vascular Surgeon, Milton Brinton. We are confident in our abilities. With many years of experience, our knowledge and background set us apart.

Service: We are committed to our patients. We strive to make each person’s experience personal and valuable. We take the extra time to get the best results for our patients. We care about you, your treatment and your comfort.

Consultation: Together we determine your goals for treatment. We provide information and answer any questions before we begin; we want you to know what to expect. If a medical problem is seen during the evaluation, we refer to physicians who specialize in treating varicose veins.

Equipment: Our unique and advanced Dual Injury Process, sets us apart in achieving optimal results. We use the Dornier 940 flexipulse laser, and Syris magnification system during treatment. FDA approved sclerosant medication is used in sclerotherapy.